Swift Nude _____

Documentation of Installation at Galapagos Artspace in Brooklyn

swift nude _____ is a cross-sectioned image, an amalgam window unit/gutted picture. The piece is a dynamic meditation on looking, in this case at a painting, or through a window. 

Upon entering, one enters the guts of the picture/window, where "viewing" is defied from every perspective.  The work forces the viewer to remain in motion to "look," gathering bits of sounds, pictures, reflections, splashes and reverberations to produce an image in the mind of this "non-retinal" internal nude in motion.

It is a look into an existential core, a visual representation not only of motion,
multiplicity and mutation, but also of an ongoing, constantly altering, ebb and
flood between futility and invigoration. 

The front "screen" (picture/window amalgam) is not only the entrance into an unseeable picture, at least in the traditional sense, but a very artifact of what might be there to see.  Egg, semen and milk are sealed up between two pieces of plexiglass, making an abstract translucent surface through which the multi-layered runners and turned Earth emanate.