Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Golden Dragon

In the last few months I have been thinking about some work that I left off in 03 just before I started my last business.  It's interesting having some freedom of mind now...the pieces are coming back as if 8 years haven't gone by.

I've been thinking about a piece called Golden Dragon which is a video of the sidewalk from my Brooklyn apartment in which I witness the bounds of the world of a 5 year old boy whom I know from the local Chinese takeout.  I started cutting and manipulating the raw footage about a month ago after an 8 year hiatus.  I'm going to cut the pieces I shot of "Austin" on the sidewalk along with all the other life.  As he gets to the outer bounds of his play area on the public sidewalk below my window I am going to mark with a dot of color.  Over the course of the sped up video, he will play and the invisible wall of his world will be built for us to see.

Around the same time, I shot a bunch of random one take videos that interested me and merely for that reason will post a couple in following posts.  Maybe it will be a way for me to start talking to myself about this again.

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